This site is dedicated to the Novella Challenge, which is hosted by trish.

The reason behind the Novella Challenge:

I’m an avid reader (I don’t have time to be voracious, so avid will have to do) and in the beginning of 2008 I had two novellas that I would have put off if I hadn’t made myself read them. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to read the books, they were just so small, and I gravitate towards the chunksters. -)

So I said to myself one day, “Self, why don’t you host a challenge for novellas! Ew, wait…there’s already a short story challenge, but I think novellas and short stories are different. I better look that up.” Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about novellas:

A novella is a narrative work of prose fiction longer than a short story but shorter than a novel. While there is some disagreement of what length defines a novella, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America Nebula Awards for science fiction define the novella as having a word count between 17,500 and 40,000….Occasionally, longer works are referred to as novellas, with some academics positing 100,000 words as the novella‒novel threshold.

Sweet! I can host a challenge!

I’ve copied Wikipedia’s list of novellas:

And here’s some I know of:

  • The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
  • The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
  • Stephen King’s The Green Mile (when it first came out it was 6 or 7 novellas)
  • The Pleasure of My Company by Steve Martin
  • The Lost Boy by Thomas Wolfe
  • The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett

Before I continue, the other part about why I was so excited about hosting a novella challenge is because I thought it was something that anyone could participate in. Work full-time? No problem! Mom with kids? No problem! Going to school and working? No problem! Working full-time, working a second job, and planning a wedding? No problem! -) The chunkster challenge is something that is quickly becoming near and dear to my heart. The bigger the book, the better, and what better than a challenge to keep me motivated? But moms with kids? Oy, committing to reading chunksters might not be something they can do, but committing to read a lil ol’ novella is totally doable. Says the working-full-time-working-a-second-job-planning-a-wedding girl.

So please! Go ahead and sign up! The rules are easy:

  1. Read six novellas between April 2008 and September 2008.
  2. The novella needs to be between 100 and 250 pages (because who has time to count the words in a book, Mr. Wikipedia?). Some leeway is definitely allowed (some of The Green Mile novellas by Stephen King are 96 pages, and I would hate to exclude those. I’m a lover not a hater.).
  3. Sign up! There will be prizes (yes to be determined). I’m a competitive and loves-to-win-stuff kinda gal, so I couldn’t resist offering prizes. -)
  4. Please review or let people know what you’ve read. You can do that on your own blog (linking back to here) or you can post a comment here or you can post the review here. Whatever.
  5. Need not have your own blog to play. Again, I’m a lover not a hater.

Coupla other things:

  • I don’t have a graphic for this challenge! (
  • This is my first hosting of a challenge, so please be gentle. ;-)
  • Seriously, let us know what you’re reading. I believe there’s a ton of untapped novellas out there just waiting for discovery.

Umm…I think that’s it. I’m really nervous and really excited, all at the same time!


4 Responses to “About & Rules”

  1. C.B. James Says:

    Sounds fun. I’d like to play.

    CB James


    I’ll post your button on my blog later today or tomorrow. Heading out the door right now.

  2. I am reading 3 navellas at this time so I will participate

  3. Whit Says:

    I hope it’s not to late to join. I have several novella I’ve been meaning to read.

  4. Nicole Says:

    I know it’s late, but I would like to join. I’m going on vacation for two weeks so I figure this is the perfect time to catch up on my reading. I have my 6 picked put and will post at my site later on today.

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